2020 Festival

Barefoot 'N' Wild


nudity, explicit sex in final film
50 min

Imagine this. Water trickling down the stream. The crunching of leaves under your feet. The chirping of a Robin atop a Sycamore tree. The breeze of an October air caressing through your fingertips. These are the echoing sounds of the forest and the vibes you’ll be visiting within our Barefoot ‘n’ Wild block. If you like to get Barefoot ‘n’ Wild in the woods, this block is for you.

Among the six films in this block, let Italy & (This Is Water) introduce and guide you through all of the vibes that the forest can offer in one intimate music video.

From there, FLORA highlights how humans are connected to nature by highlighting the human anatomy as a flower.

Ruins gives us a glimpse into the journey of two boys running away into the woods in search of their feelings.

witches happened. shows us three friends arguing at a dinner table. And then witches happen.

Last but not least, Because You’re Mine sees a group of men embrace each other in the woods, all while a somber goodbye letter to a lover takes precedence in the background.

—Joe Myrick, Festival Judge


November 6-8, 2020
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