Busy schedule? No camera? No problem.

No more getting upstaged by that guy with $10,000 camera.

Film In A Fortnight is a bi-annual filmmaking challenge that takes place over 14 days to accomodate your schedule. All teams must shoot their film on a cell phone. We will even match you with a filmmaking team if you need to build your network!

Participating filmmaking teams will have 14 days to write, film, and edit their films. Each team will be given a particular topic or genre to include in their film. All filmming must be done on phones (or tablets). Two weeks later, we will screen all qualifying films and share the winners at our potluck. The winning film(s) will be featured at the festival in the Fall!
Teams need to include LGTBQ-identifying individuals.

We return May 2020!

2020 dates:
Kick-Off Event: May 6, 2020
Screening Wrap-Up: May 30, 2020

Winning Films will be Official Selections of Trans Stellar 2020 and will be shown at the 2020 Festival!

Entry Fee
$20 for teams
All participants receive free tickets to the Festival and each team recieves a code for a free submission. Winning films will be screened at the Festival in September!

—Films must be under 20 minutes, but preferably under 10.
—Films must follow the constrains that was given to the team at the kick-off event.
—Footage not shot on a phone or tablet during the allotted challenge time will not be allowed in your film.
—Footage found to be shot on a different device (including purchased stock footage) will disqualify the filmmaking team from the challenge.
—Refunds for entry fees will not be issued.
—Accessories (including tripods, lenses, dollies, gimbels, and accessory microphones) may be used, but must attach to phone/tablet as accessory. Standalone microphones will disqualify the team from the challenge.
—Editing does not have to be done on a phone or tablet and may be done on computer.
—Teams must include at least one LGBTQ+ identifying individual in a position where the individual has significant creative control.
—Teams may be made up of any amount of people.
—At least one team member must be present at both events or the team will be disqualified from the challenge.
—Explicit content, or content that polices and/or marginalizes identities will not be allowed and will disqualify the team.