2020 Festival

Family Films



Queer content one can share with children can be hard to find! This block however is

jam packed with short films appropriate for younger audiences yet relevant to all ages.

The films contain a variety of visual styles and queer narratives. Animation, live action,

even a mix of both. From grounded stories about self discovery to straight up time

travel- There’s something for everyone here! The final piece carries a content warning

for self-harm and language.

Lolo – A light-hearted story about a Lolo and his friends as he navigates the ups and

downs of his first love.

Boys Don’t Wear Dresses - A musical romp about finding love and oneself with

a cast of autistic, neuro-divergent, LGBTQ, & multi-ethnic artists. This film is co-written & co-

produced by an autistic transgender individual about their life.

Tie Tie Again - An animated short about gifts and the meaning they can hold.

Steadfast - A trans man deals with the realities of being trans in public.

Baby Steps – An autobiographical doc about a young woman coming of age online

through middle school texts, webcam videos, & secret moments as she discovers her

gender identity & sexuality.

Transcending Time - A queer youth in a dark place gets visited by a mysterious


Tim O'Neil, Festival Judge


November 6-8, 2020
Content Notes: