2020 Festival

Free Films


35 min

These are films we are proud to show you for free. Both films tell unconventional narratives of transgender life in South America. Too often, we are told stories of only joy or pain, and these two excellent documentaries balance out their stories the same way our lives balance out.

Invisible Men, a publicly funded and publicly intended film, presents an “Underrepresented topic from a creative documentarian who presents a polished, but authentic, view…of prison life for trans men in Brazil.” —Bailee Grissom, Festival Screener

In Because They Love Me, the autobiographer Poll, who doesn’t feel female or male, gathers their numerous family that lives in Cali, Colombia, to ask them a very simple yet very deep question: Why do you love me? This short film is a tribute from Poll to their family where love thrives over prejudices and stereotypes and is also a call for other families to defeat their fears and choose to love.

Lauren Corneliussen, Festival President


November 6-8, 2020
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