2020 Festival



consent discussions
1 hr 34 min

Let’s talk about queer theory! In these films, consent, aggression, monogamy, gender, Black liberation, and relationships are freely discussed. This block was built with the intent of starting a dialogue, watching with your friends (safely), and engaging thoughtfully with the topics presented.

Reimagining Tomorrow follows Adjua, a Black queer artist and organizer, as they create an art project that answers the question “How do you reimagine your reality?” What happens next is a heartfelt story filled with love, struggle, and an invitation into a more loving world.

Somewhere in Between is about how queer Canadian singer-songwriter, Kate Reid, came to the decision to undergo a surgery that dramatically altered her body. Like so many people in the world, it turns out that Kate Reid’s gender identity is a hybrid and fluid identity of sorts. It is an assemblage of many different ideas, words, feelings, energies, lived experiences, and now, altered body parts. It is a gender that is somewhere in between.

Consent Factory: lesbo-queer perspectives addresses the complex topic of consent with sixteen protagonists from marginalized communities. In a deep introspection of their intimacies, these protagonists ask questions, get angry, laugh, create other possibilities.

—Lauren Corneliussen, Festival President


November 6-8, 2020
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